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About our product
This is a concept for a smartphone built for this kind of future. We call it Compact, because it is composed of multiple parts which all have their own unique and exciting functions. The most obvious way is to use it as a traditional smartphone. Just connect both parts together with a magnet and enjoy an experience similar to that as with any other smartphone you use.
How to use it
Regular smartphone usage - the phone has two magnets, holding it in place, so you can connect both parts and use them as you would use your regular smartphone. gency part with it, so that people can always reach you. Once you get home, you can connect it into one device again and catch up with all that you left behind in your focus time.

Classic V - shape use - What is a more satisfying feeling than to finish a phone argument and flip it close after some final words. To hear the soft click as the two parts of phone connect and you can easily take your phone anywhere you want, without having to worry about the screen, because the screen is as protected as it could be

Double phone - you can also take the phone apart, using only one of its parts at a time. Each part can have its own sim card and its own network management. So you can use one part as a network device while having the other as your emergency cell phone. That way you can leave your phone behind, bringing only emer
Say hello to the future!
The future where smartphones are used in ways we cannot even begin to imagine today.
The traditional V-shape
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